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9-Holes - Small 3 Item

Because of physical and mental strain during a round, it’s necessary to replace carbohydrates and protein throughout play.  Research shows you should do so in small increments, and Sharp Focus Nutrition recommends every four holes.  Steady, properly-sequenced food intake enables muscles to function freely.  Glucose from carbohydrates gets into your bloodstream quickly so Sharp Focus Nutrition’s ordering of carbohydrates and protein is essential.


Choose from:

1. Roasted Cashews or Roasted Almonds

2. Dried Apricots or Dried Mangoes

3. Beef Jerky or Plant-based Jerky


You should:

  • Start the Sharp Focus Nutrition process upon arriving at the golf course by drinking water immediately and enjoying your first food item before going to the range or putting green. 

  • Attach the carabiner to your golf bag and then enjoy your pre-round jerky. Consume the other two items on holes #4 and #7 (front nine)  or  (back nine) holes #13 and #16.

  • Sip water on every hole as you play.

9-Holes - Small 3 Item

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