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Clip - Medium 4 Item

Because of physical and mental strain during a 4+-hour round, it’s necessary to replace carbohydrates and protein throughout play.  Research shows you should do so in small increments, and Sharp Focus Nutrition recommends every four holes.  Steady, properly-sequenced food intake enables muscles to function freely.  Glucose from carbohydrates gets into your bloodstream quickly so Sharp Focus Nutrition’s ordering of carbohydrates and protein is essential.


Choose from:

1. Roasted Cashews or Roasted Almonds

2. Dried Apricots or Dried Mangoes

3. Beef Jerky or Plant-based Jerky


You should:

  • Start the Sharp Focus Nutrition process upon arriving at the golf course by drinking water immediately and enjoying your first food item before going to the range or putting green. 

  • Attach the carabiner to your golf bag and then enjoy the other 3 items in the order identified on the individual package starting at the top and working down.  While on the course, you’ll begging consuming on the 5th hole and continue during each five-hole segment - beginning on tee box #s 5, 10 & 15..  

  • Sip water on every hole as you play.

Clip - Medium 4 Item

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