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Hydration & Electrolyte 8 Bottle Bundle

Sharp Focus Nutrition’s Hydration and Electrolyte product is all-natural, offering appropriate levels of potassium, magnesium and chloride for golfers, less sodium, no sugar, and no additives. 


Many electrolyte powders and drinks contain sweeteners, artificial colors, and chemicals that don’t live up to their billing.  And numerous others are designed for fast-paced running sports, with levels of sodium and sugar that we believe are too high for golfers. They’re cumbersome and messy while our all-natural liquid squirts quickly and easily into a water bottle.


Sharp Focus Nutrition provides what your body needs on-course and nothing extra to weigh you down or spike blood sugar.  


Certified vegan, non-GMO and BPA and gluten free.


A 4oz bottle contains 24 servings, so it costs less!  


If you’re still swilling down a sugar-candy cocktail of a “sports drink,” it’s time you upgrade!


Ingredients: Ionic Trace Minerals Complex, Purified Water, Utah Sea Minerals™, Potassium Chloride, Non-GMO Citric Acid


No known allergens.


Suggested Use:

8 oz water ADD 1/2 tsp electrolyte supplement

16 oz water ADD 1 tsp electrolyte supplement

32 oz water ADD 2 tsp electrolyte supplement


Hydration & Electrolyte 8 Bottle Bundle

Price Options
One-time purchase
8 Bottles per Month
Subscribe & Save $5/month
$62.00every month until canceled
  • Shipping is free for this bundle!

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